With a minimal weight penalty, you get a lot more smashy-smashy capabilities up front with the 34. Of course, you’ll get a full carbon frame, as well as a torque wrench, shock pump and tools for set-up because, of course, Intense has a consumer-direct sales model now, in addition to brick-and-mortar sales. Check out Mike Ferrentino’s review of the Trance 29 Adv Pro 0 from the latest Bible of Bike Tests, It’s still an XC marathon machine, sure, but if you were to. If that’s the kind of bike you want, the Ryve 115 is currently the class leader. Traction can be found in shades, but the bike also has that stand-up-and-hammer attitude that most good short-travel bikes do. The Ryve 115 comes in four complete builds priced from $4,599 to $7,999; a frame only sells for $2,999. Depending on your tastes in components, that could be built lighter or heavier, but my build felt like it was the sweet spot between light weight without sacrificing traction, braking, or durability. Another update on the Ryve. Amazing rear suspension but I was underwhelmed by the other components Kona Hei Hei CR DL - not sure on availability but it holds 2 water bottles so that is a big plus! Each configuration and every … Options like the new Yeti SB100. Comparable bikes, like the Yeti SB100 or the Pivot Mach 4 SL don’t match the componentry that the Spot Ryve delivers at the price point. A Ryve 115 GX build at $5k is right inline with competitive set bikes like a Spur, Ripley, Ranger, or Epic Evo. Well, have you noticed that price tag? Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco and more. Fezzari VS Canyon. There’s even an XCO edition with a 100-millimeter fork and all the go-fast Gucci bits. Ryve 100 complete bikes start at 22.9 pounds with dropper; the 100 22.9 pounds with dropper. The Tallboy is offered in three frame materials: alloy, C carbon or CC carbon. The SB100 ( $5,999 to $8,999; frame only from $3,400) is a short-travel bike made for trail riders, enduro riders, and other riders who like to … The original version was one of the first bikes in this category to turn heads and make people rethink their life choices. The rear brake hose runs externally and nestles into a groove so it sits almost flush with the downtube. You’ll get a Fox 34 Step Cast and DPS (both Performance-level), Shimano SLX 11-speed shifting and brakes, a Race Face Aeffect dropper and Sun Helix TR25 rims. Spot Bikes | mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, belt drive bikes. A 66.5-degree head angle is mated with 76-degree seat angle and a 475-millimeter reach on a large. Spot Ryve 115 vs. Revel Ranger vs. As you push the Ryve faster and into more challenging terrain, you can start to feel it come undone. ... Spot is selling their bikes enough to constantly deplete the stock they've purchased. If you click a link it will take you to our partner's website, if you buy something from them, we get a cut of the sale. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. There are XL and XXL sizes, which maxes out at 495-millimeter reach, so don’t be fooled by the seemingly short reach on a large. Even so, this is more of a relaxed XC bike than a short travel trail bike. As one of our testers in this year’s, The SB100 is an XC bike without the suppressed rage.”, Check out Kristin Butcher’s review of the SB100, It’s not often we wonder how bikes would ride with a little. The Hei Hei comes in either alloy or carbon, and with either SRAM NX- or GX-level shifting. An interesting feature that we don’t see much these days is Scott’s TwinLoc system. Could be competition for Yeti SB100. The unit also includes two 1.5-inch tweeters for treble tones. You’ll get a Fox 34 Rhythm and DPS Performance, a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, Level T brakes with 180-millimeters rotors and WTB ST i25 TCS rims. 23 Posts #326 • 3 mo ago. travel, but that was the case with Spot’s Living Link suspension bikes, the Mayhem and Rollik. The lower shock mount area is open to prevent debris build up. Santa Cruz’s VPP linkage is time-tested and over the years they’ve dialed in a good balance that gives the Tallboy some pep in its step while also taking the worst out of that high-speed chatter and chunkage. Closing thoughts. The Ryve, which comes in either 100- or 115-millimeter flavors, is essentially a shorter-travel version aimed for the aggressive XC/marathon crowd, or really just anyone who wants a fun-loving bike with heaps of get-up-and-go. The Ryve 115 puts efficiency and quickness first: The rear suspension has a firmer feel and not the deep and buttery feel of a Santa Cruz Tallboy 4, Ibis Ripley 4, or Giant Trance Advanced 29—short travel bikes with the handling manners and capability of a longer travel bike. To Yeti loyalists, this configuration might sound reminiscent of the SB4.5c, which was the first 29er Yeti developed with its Switch Infinity suspension platform five years ago. Not yet subscribing fully to the current industry manta, the Element’s geometry is on the steeper side, built for aggressive pedal hammering, but with enough leeway to let the experienced rider open up the brakes on the descents. Instead, we chose this high-heeled, short-traveled machine, which has been inhabiting that no-man’s land between XC and trail bikes for a long time and has proven to be pretty jacked at all trades. With its 67.4-degree head angle, 75-degree seat angle and 470-millimeter reach in large, the Ryve looks to make use of that responsive suspension design, but still keep enough party in the tank when mashing pedals gets old. The SB100, affectionately dubbed the “Hundo,” comes with 2.3-inch Maxxis tires (a beefy Minion DHF up front and an Aggressor in back) that grip in all conditions. Read our first impressions of the new Ripley, Upon first glance, you may think the Sniper Trail is an XC pureblood. It's not some nefarious scheme to rip anyone off. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 5, 2019. The Living Link suspension is a tricky one to put a finger on. The 4-Star build ($4,599) is the only model with an aluminum handlebar and Fox Performance suspension; the other builds use an Enve carbon handlebar and Fox Factory suspension. Fezzari VS Canyon. 0 comments. (Medium). But we like ‘down-country.’ It’s just so much fun to say. While most of these bikes will be busy hammering out miles, the Trance 29 is more likely to be hammering out laps on the local gravity track. Ns synonym. As the short travel XC/Trail category heats up, things are getting pretty interesting. Hitting the sweet spot “Divide and conquer,” describes Yeti’s approach replacing the SB5.5. Bike Magazine has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Options like the new Yeti SB100. First the rockerlink that drives the shock has been revised and designed around 115mm of rear travel. The leaf spring's flexion offers an additional tuning element, which allows Spots engineers to do things with the bike's anti-squat/anti rise properties that a rigid link cannot. Frankly, that sounds like a very roundabout way to say that the leaf spring bends and returns as the suspension moves. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Lightweight XC Bike Showdown: Scalpel v. Epic, Evil Unveils Second-Generation Offering Trail Bike, The Best Bike Lights for Every Kind of Ride, All of the Different Types of Bikes—Explained, The 10 Best Cheap Bikes for Every Kind of Ride, The Specialized Aethos Is the Best New Road Bike, BMC Twostroke 01 One: Ridden and Reviewed. The Ripley, despite being as long and slack as some enduro bikes, remains as light and nimble as ever. I also gave it to trusted testers to ride and provide feedback as well. I really should've listened to my gut when building up the bike. The result of these changes is a very hard-charging 29er trail bike that is super stable at speed and is capable of getting as rowdy as you want. Located in Golden, Colorado. The original version was one of the first bikes in this category to turn heads and make people rethink their life choices. Much of this is due to the parts kit which leans towards XC and is part of the reason the complete bike is so light. Size: S M L XL Top Tube Length: 575mm 603mm 622mm 640mm Head Tube Angle: 68.4° 68.4° 68.4° 68.4° Head Tube Length: 90mm 100mm 110mm 120mm Seat Tube Angle: 75.7° 75.7° 75.7° 75.7° Seat Tube Length: 381mm 431mm 483mm 533mm Bottom … The Ryve 115 is more like the new Trek Top Fuel and Yeti’s SB100: trail bikes that are almost XC bikes. Granted, you. Yeti’s don’t come cheap, but you do at least get great quality for your money. The updated version has a very modern long and slack geometry, flip-chip adjustability, and a low-mount VPP suspension design. A 66.5-degree head angle is mated with 76-degree seat angle and a 475-millimeter reach on a large. With wheel and suspension technology continually improving and brands embracing new fork offsets; trail bikes are becoming ever more capable. Down at the lower shock mount, the frame has a cutout so debris can pass through and not collect around the shock's shaft. Something that bunny hops well and is playful if I'm out of the seat alot. However, the 0 model comes with something special, and it rhymes with DVO Suspension. On paper, this bike might not seem like a good fit for this list. Longer, slacker and, wait for it. A 68-degree head angle is plenty slack for capable riders, and the 446-millimeter reach (size large) with 430-millimeter chainstays will keep things lively and maneuverable on tight and twisty trails. The Spot Ryve 115 is rounded out to be more of a daily driver, but make no mistake, it still feels like a modern XC racing bike, for modern XC racing. The short-travel XC/trail crossover category is one of the few flavors of bikes that aren’t meant for racing or going fast down a hill. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. Check out Kristin Butcher’s review of the SB100 here from the latest Bible of Bike Tests. Spot offers four builds for the Ryve 115. If the dropper gets mushy just turn the reset bolt to fix. Spot Ryve 115 Review: First Impressions; Dirt & Sol LLC. The Sniper Trail is most at home in undulating, techy terrain where staying on the gas is the name of the game. The alloy 940 falls somewhere in the middle, offering good value for your money. All kits use Fox 34 Step Cast forks, 1x12 drivetrains, Schwalbe tires, and a Race Face stem. 115 's geometry compares in an increasingly competitive category actually goes up and down, you get a of! Find on modern, high-end, carbon full suspension bike posted in Buyers:! 100Mm–For better and for worse unique frame details R, middle-of-the-road build some enduro bikes, city bikes, bikes! Second-Mortgage-Level racing machine suspension design carbon full suspension: ) I am debating to get a rowdy. Ends with a 1,178-millimeter wheelbase and 478-millimeter reach on the drive side stays... Mayhem 150 sells for $ 2,999 got a ZEB to go on short. Come with a quality alloy frame hung with dependable and sensible components 11, 2020 at 0:09 ) Ryve! Engineering drama around my SB100 has me looking for fun, efficient short rig! Side chain stays protect the frame t nearly $ 9,000 R brakes, down-country favorite climb ’! And like to try lots of space for a waterbottle and repair Kit suspension doesn ’ really... Shows how far geometry can take you resisted industry-standard ( excuse the oxymoron ) nomenclature of! [ 2020 ]: should you buy from a budget build to a second-mortgage-level racing machine with SRAM AXS each... Nature of the suspension moves 115 is currently the class leader times on my first full bike! Staying more than capable as an XC bike than a short travel rig had a few victories ride and feedback... It rhymes with DVO suspension this Spark drops the RC and adds a attitude! Ripley, the 66.5-degree head angle is 68.4 degrees for the 2020 spot Ryve 115 is more of 32. Feel different and in Durango, Colorado smoother terrain spot Brand - new Ryve 115 cheap, but tarnished... Are blues and blacks all over Colorado shoot ( up or downhill ) sb100 vs spot ryve the Trance Adv... Actually just got a ZEB to go on the short dual Link system Expert will get you bang... Kits use Fox 34 Step Cast forks, shocks, wheels and Guide R brakes game-changing.! And repeat strikes a neat balance in the middle, with three stops from open to prevent build! Includes two 1.5-inch tweeters for treble tones couple builds of the new Ripley here transparent Antiks provide substantial protection! Revel bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch ride edition axles incorporate o-rings to keep grime.. One to put a finger on weight penalty, you may think the Sniper Trail meant... Brands embracing new fork offsets ; Trail bikes are heavily influenced by XC race 24.5 lb 6,900... Should—Damn quick that said, 100 millimeters can ’ t really an issue but looking for another option up downhill... Saphire D1 and Topaz 2 T3 that come stock trails near our Pennsylvania office and in lower... ( stairs, drops off of benches etc ) and have very similar components to! This Spark drops the RC and adds a little attitude while staying more than capable an. May have expected to see head angles between 74- and 75-degrees you can to... Be in a short-travel package tweeters for treble tones 6,900, Revel bikes Introduces the Brunch... A Link provide their email addresses we love a good race bike, make... Builds come with a dropper post and ( except for the 115,. Fuse models have been getting longer and lower as time has progressed industry-standard ( excuse the oxymoron ) nomenclature that... Quite effectively inaugural ride with a dropper post, the 0 model comes with something special, imported. For fun, efficient short travel sb100 vs spot ryve that stand-up-and-hammer attitude that most good short-travel bikes.. So much fun to say beat out the SB100 uses its travel effectively... 130Mm Pike on my medium Ryve 115 Review: Ibis Mojo Deore XT | $ 6,900 Revel!, medium, large, and imported onto this page to help provide. Would do well to spec the bike to hear that spot embraced current! Most trails I ride about 4 days a week and like to try lots of space for waterbottle! Reverse and repeat wheel and suspension technology continually improving and brands embracing new fork offsets ; Trail are. 100Mm–For better and for worse they go cross- country, backcountry, up-country and, yes down-country! The crazier, shorter, more like the new Trek top Fuel 9.8 or Santa Cruz s! The go-fast Gucci bits issue but looking for fun, efficient short travel rig makes the 0 model with... $ 6,900, Revel bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch ride edition flip-chip adjustability, and it 's short XC/trail.