Orchestral Instruments • Woodwind – most were originally made from wood; all produce sound by blowing, some of them by vibrating a reed. Christopher Adler, Three Body Problem, for khaen and cello May 13, 2020 (works by Christopher Adler, David Loeb and Vera Ivanova) Inspire your inbox – Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history, updates, and special offers. Javanese Court Gamelan. Learn more about the khaen tradition in this short article for the Center for World Music. Yu Kuwabara, Mystische Miniatüre (premiered in 2017 - watch) Khaen is one of the most traditional musical instruments of Laos, used from the Lan Xang Kingdom but some say that it has existed for 4000 years. To aid composers unfamiliar with the instrument, I have prepared a written guide which may be freely downloaded and shared. The most interesting thing about this musical instrument is the free reed of the instrument that is manufactured of brass or silver. Khaen definition is - a Southeast Asian mouth organ that consists of a small wooden reservoir through which pass a set of six to eighteen long bamboo pipes each with a tiny metal free reed in a side opening and that is played by exhaling and inhaling. The gong on the right or left side of the t… Since 2003, I have invited other composers to write for the instrument. In … Jun 30, 2017 - Explore Rogelio Macías-Ordóñez's board "Flautas" on Pinterest. Archived videos of these performances may be viewed here: solos: Three for Khaen #1, April 3, 2020 (works by Sidney Boquiren, David Loeb and Yu Kuwabara) << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] T1o0c�$��Q����ë�*��w�c6Mg���5ad@������ԑ4� Laotian proverb says “People living in the house on stilts, eating sticky rice and playing Khaen only can be Laotian or their brothers”. The instruments on which I have concentrated are the khaen and the ranaat ek, the principle xylophone of the Thai classical tradition. David Loeb, The Legend of Tha Tien %��������� Matthew Welch, Ulrikke (premiered in 2011), Christopher Adler, Diomedea, for khaen and harp (watch) An up-to-date list of this repertoire from a growing list of wonderful composers around the world may be found below. << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] /ColorSpace << /Cs1 7 0 R Lai Lam Khonsavane (watch). stream I have written about my process of learning the tradition, creating these works, and situating these practices within a broader ethics of cross-cultural composition in a 2007 article "Reflecttions on Cross-Cultural Composition", in Arcana II, ed. 619.260.7502 I have composed solo and ensemble works for the khaen which build on the foundation of traditional techniques and musical principles and extend into the contemporary Western idiom. Christopher Adler, Epilogue for a Dark Day (available on the CD Epilogue for a Dark Day) The name khaen (or kaen, khen, khene, etc.) stream The Asian family comprises a multitude of wind instruments. 9. +S�=�����w��Ϥ�N:�x��gꩧv_n��+�8��6�hPZd�E_|�f�a�1�a�F}���{�QG5��P�d�I��n�y�w���wa����ʤF3逸�*q���/�����i�b�)��rJ��f�'�x�����w�uW��?���g�}����cA�ed^s�����~:�_~�8�����裏�}�Y���"-W[m57����g��\r��?�ꫯ���VZb�%�c���Sm]tѥ�^z�UW�l�͌_F,����]�M0��ΜsΉ)��7x��Gy�[o��N;��馛R �ey�]. solos: Three for Khaen #2, April 17, 2020 (works by Jinhee Han and Jeff Herriott) Aerophones: produce sound by setting a column of air in motion a. Khaen (Laos): Laotian mouth organ b. A classification diagram of tone woods and frame ... sheng, Korean saeng, Japanese sho, and Indonesian khaen) ... wood remains the principal material for musical instrument production worldwide [5 It is also played by some of the upland and minority ethnic groups in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Their taxonomy is based on the principle of what is the vibrating medium for each instrument. I have also collaborated with Marcelo Radulovich (hurdy-gurdy, post-production) as Gunther's Grass, to explore drone-based improvisation on acoustic instruments with many guest artists (hear Gunther's Grass on the CDs Never in the Future That Dawned Earlier On and Bastille Day and Other Lullabies). Vera Ivanova, Mockingbird Hopscotch (premiered in 2020 - watch) Christopher Adler, the wind blows inside (available on the CD Epilogue for a Dark Day - listen) solos: Three for Khaen #3, Virtual Norf Space livestream, The Taphon is a percussion instrument that is often found in a percussion ensemble called a piphat. I have presented versions of this recital in the U.S., Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, including at the Thailand International Composition Festival. /Rotate 0 >> �!�Y�]����3@I� The tuning is near-equal temperament and varies slightly from instrument to instrument. >> David Loeb, Caprices It's very easy since I'm Thai, but also takes time because Thai instrument classification is Blowing, Plucking, Bowing, and Striking. I also studied music and Thai language at Wat Thai, D.C. in Washington D.C.