Well, if you take the average of the entire COD community, AVERAGE would probably be in the .70-.80 range. Anyways, the higher your KD the more I trust you in a 1v2+ situation. 1v1’s can typically go either way if both players are average. To get around this, they play extra bad (reverse boosting) or in a party with significantly worse players to keep the player level low.With the new companion app, it is now possible to look at the average K/D in matchmaking and simply switch to new lobbies until you find one with a low K/D. I would say if you could hold a 1.5/1.6 then you, atleast according to KD, are pretty damn good. It tends to be on who sees the other person first. The site, SBMM Warzone, provides a handful of details to help a Warzone player determine their skill range. A new Warzone companion app is available to PC players. A good KD? KD ratio: 4.3; Score per minute: 475; Average Lifetime: 15 mins; Wins: 498; Contracts Per Game: 0.89; Kills Per Match: 8.96; Score Per Match: 7204; All this information has been picked up from Warzone Stats Tracker. More about COD Warzone It provides the average K/D, assigns … I've been playing solo and I have been doing surprisingly well for some reason - like I average about 5-8 kills a game. In all honesty KD usually means nothing as long as you are in the 1.2/1.3 range. As in many other games, the debate over skill-based matchmaking, SBMM, has raged like wildfire in Warzone, especially when it comes to the best of the crop. We are a community built Call of Duty Warzone stats progression tracker. ... and the average lobby K/D value will be displayed only at the end of the match and the average lobby K/D … Also Read | Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Could Be On The Way, Suggests Activision's New Job Listing. Symfuhny#1296 Call of Duty Warzone stats. But K/D is too easy to manipulate (stat boosting w/ friends). Check your Gulag Win Ratio, K/D Ratio evolution over time and the most popular weapons in Warzone… But if you can hold your own against a couple people by yourself, that’s usually the difference between a higher KD … That’s like an average and solid positive KD. Call of Duty Warzone players has found a new companion app that displays the stats of everyone in a game, including KD, allowing them to pick and choose who to play against. Good players complain again and again that they only have to play against professionals thanks to the SBMM. So K/D ratio=/= good player. Track 's stats for this COD Warzone player. The only site that aggregates individual match data on a large scale, able to provide more granular statistics than available in-game. The “SBMM Warzone” website is a third-party tool that Call of Duty players can use to view the average Kill/Death ratios of a lobby. So bad would be below this, and good would probably be .9-1.20 IMO, and then above that would be pretty good.