Students will explore a range of subjects, with the goal of developing interdisciplinary perspectives and problem solving. Class of 2019 and Class of 2020: Requirements for GA Minor. Thus, maybe to allow us to have more time, the school could make the less related modules (to the major that you are in) such as electives much easier. Class of 2020 onwards. There are many minors available at Penn State. ... Yale-NUS offers excellent opportunities for undergrad research: doing research develops analytical skills and requires the student to understand how a research project is conducted and how hypotheses are formulated. Mitigation strategies to combat the impacts of urbanisation (e.g., pollution and fragmentation, urban greening, urban sprawl vs densification) The Singapore story, research gaps in urban ecology LSM4266 Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity To earn a minor in a Yale-NUS major, a student must complete 25 MC or 5 courses. Now, hundreds of majors are available to choose from—including new and intriguing areas such as exercise studies or informatics. Thought Leadership. Double Major) or a minor (i.e. Major students will also have opportunities to embark on exclusive overseas and internship opportunities that are not available for Minor students. Up to 4 courses can be cross-registered outside of Yale-NUS (Study abroad, NUS or LKY SPP) STRUCTURE OF THE MINOR. So, here is an opportunity for all students thinking of pursuing CS to ask me and other seniors (other cs students back me up here) questions about cs and nus. The MSc in Management programme is available to all eligible NUS undergraduate students through the Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP). 2. A university education is one of the biggest investments that a person can make in his life. More than simply laying the foundation for your major, the Common Curriculum is a unique cornerstone of the Yale-NUS College experience. At Penn State, a minor requires you to take 18-21 credits of course work in a single area. QS Rankings 2020 1. Semiconductor device application of graphene and other 2D crystals, e.g. Choosing a college major was difficult enough when only a handful existed. I would say that the ranking is the difference that makes one go for nus. See All . NUS Business School WeChat. NUS chemical engineering admission criteria was previously A, A, A while NTU chemical engineering admit students with B B B for A levels. Select three modules from: YSC2216 Evolutionary Biology, YSC2233 Genetics, YSC3241 Computational and Systems Biology, YSC3233 Molecular & Cellular Biology Students enrolling into the National University of Singapore (NUS) this year will be spoilt for choice as they can now apply directly to about 70 new combinations in which students can pursue a single-degree major with a second major (i.e. A minor is an academic program, with a minimum requirement of 18 credits, that supplements your major. See All . For instance, you could earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with double majors in Marketing and Spanish with the goal of pursuing a career in international business. I don't know how this … The requirements of … A student with one major might be confined to only a few potential career paths. All engineering undergraduates can opt to study a Minor Programme to gain skills and knowledge beyond their major disciplines. In fact, earning a university degree can increase your monthly income by more than 100-200% compared to having just earned a secondary degree. Widen your horizon through a Double Degree, Double Major, or Minor programme. When Assistant Professor Alex Mitchell first began teaching at the then-newly minted NUS Department of Communications and New Media (CNM) in 2005, he had to overcome traditional barriers to introduce a practice-based teaching approach within a “largely theory-based faculty.” “In the early days of CNM there was hesitation towards, for example, two-hour design-based tutorials and … Basic Research Interests Synthesis of Novel 2D materials, e.g. The academic admission requirements to the full-time programme are: (a) at least three passes in H2 content subjects; or (b) a local polytechnic diploma, or an international baccalaureate diploma or a diploma from NUS High School; or (c) an equivalent of (a) or (b). Major studies are the subjects which are basics and core subjects of your branch or course you pursuing. The score is computed based on numerous factors, including the seniority of the student (year 4 will have higher priority than year 1), whether the module is a core requirement for your major/minor and how you rank the module. In NUS, the module registration system is called ModReg (CORS bidding has been scrapped). If you were to see the ranking of nus engineering, it is way above ntu. 16 March 2018. Can be related or unrelated – e.g econs and finance (related) vs econs and corp comms (not very related) – Minor: SMU does not have – Elective: Major electives and free/unrestricted electives Applicants with (c) have to submit either SAT or ACT scores. is anyone on here majoring in econs with a minor in stats? The Life Sciences major requires students to complete 54 Modular Credits (MC) including a capstone project that is worth 10 MC. However, the major you study can have a significant impact on this calculus as well. Applicants with (c) have to submit either SAT or ACT scores. Minor Programmes. In other words, a double major is when you graduate with one degree, but with two or more areas of specialization or disciplines. Hi! Date/Time : 22 Jan 2020 14:00 Venue : S17 #04-06 SR1 Speaker : Masayasu Mimura, Hiroshima University Since Alan Turing stated the notion of diffusion-induced instability in 1952, it is well known that reaction-diffusion “open” systems generate various types of spatio-temporal patterns and in fact, some systems have been used as models of biological pattern formation. For every module, a "priority score" is calculated. Mission: To develop ACE (Adaptive, Competent and Ethical) accounting professionals and business leaders. Moreover, students from the B.Sc. – Khoo Wen Hai, SMU Business, 2014 They are both equally good. First of all, congrats on getting into two of the best universities on the planet. However, because of the admission difference, it is also theoretically easier to get a first class honours in NTU than in NUS engineering. Big is not necessarily bad. However, there must be at least four courses (at least 16 units) which are unique to the minor and do not overlap with requirements for your major or another minor. NUS undergraduates may gain this master’s degree with one additional year of coursework study. In this dual degree vs double major guide, we go over the fundamental difference between the two academic paths, define each option in detail, and take a look at the most important similarities and differences between the two. Computer Engineering/Computer Science with a Second Major in Business Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) - Part Time Minor in Computing and Data Analysis The School of Computing offers direct admissions for its undergraduates to pursue either a double major or a minor with another faculty/within the school. Community Stories. For non-business students, this programme prepares you for an additional career option in management. Fortunately, all these college majors fall into six types. – Major: Main thing you’re studying (e.g Law) At SMU, majority of people take double majors, so we have two main things to study. Students can also apply to do a Double Degree (e.g., in Information Systems and Business Administration/Business Administration [Accountancy], Double Major (e.g., in economics), or even a Minor (e.g., in economics, interactive media, or management). Introduction to Global Affairs; 2 out of the 6 core courses in the major Alumni Spotlight Stories: Lee Hee Jin. The fall of a retail icon: Lessons from Robinsons and the future of department Stores. monolayer amorphous carbon (MAC), black phosphorous, and nano-porous graphene foam Fundamental studies of spin, charge and phonon transport in graphene, phosphorene and 2D van der Waals heterostructures. The academic admission requirements are: (a) at least three passes in H2 content subjects; or (b) a local polytechnic diploma, an international baccalaureate diploma or a diploma from NUS High School; or (c) an equivalent of (a) or (b). For chemical engineering: NUS is 8th and NTU is 11th. For computer science: NUS is 12th and NTU is 16th. Hello, Their is minor difference between ‘major’, ‘minor’ and ‘elective’ in studies. And ranked between top 10 in the world. More potential career paths. The NUS BBA Our NUS Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a pre-eminent leadership and management talent programme. Biomedical Engineering I have been getting a lot of questions about computer science and I can't answer them all. Courses for the minor may overlap with your major or another minor requirements. Major-Minor). So it would be better to take a double degree if you intend to take an additional major. Vision: To be a pre-eminent centre for accounting education, practice and research. STRUCTURE OF THE MAJOR. But the problem here is, during school terms, we have little time to attend these events as there will be so many projects, tests and exams etc. Read more Undergraduate Majors & Minors for Non-Business Students: Cohort 2017 and After Cohort 2016 and Before Double Degree BBAs BBA + Business Analytics BBA + Comms & New Media BBA + Computing BBA + Economics BBA […] initially I thought to do just a single major in econs, but it seems a bit lonely and I think some stats in the mix would be good, for practical reasons. A time for corporate social responsibility to shine. Economics Major + Stats Minor hi, freshman here. Here is a list of minors that best complement programs offered in the School of EECS. Advising. While a double major student may have taken the same number of courses as a single major student, their level of knowledge in the majors will be far more detailed than someone who earned a minor or took a variety of electives. The faculty offers a list of minor programs but there are many programmes offered by other faculties as well. Gateway Modules . You will also enjoy all the rights and […] 5. MCS major / minor briefing. The details will vary depending on your time in school.