After a bit of time trying to make sure my new satellite tracker was working, I got started just after first light at 7:32 AM. I had to bail on the double. Somewhere between me and a few miles down the interstate my phone was sitting on the road in an unknown condition, and I had already turned it off to save battery. The trail is technical, and there are a lot of steep climbs and descents all on singletrack. Description. Whether hiking, biking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, picnicking or simply enjoying the scenery from the road, Great Smoky has plenty of opportunities for … "Totally unsupported fast pack. Endurolytes, anti-fatigue caps, and endurance amino were used as needed every 1-2 hours. On the Run, Episode 5 of Edge Of Adventure in WEBTOON. They were not new batteries. Register for the Black Bear Double to run both the 5K and Half Marathon and earn special swag. Michigan Rattlers - Smoky Run Festival, Run Stage, Clear Fork Adventure Park, Butler OH, 30-JUNE-2019 Topics Michigan Rattlers , Graham Young , Adam Reed , Chrisstuian Wilder , Tony Audis , Smoky Run Music Festival , Clear Fork Adventure Park , Butler Ohio , Chris Hoggsett , Max Jones , Dewey Decibel Systems , AT853 , Zoom Handy H6 , RasBobre Recordings This sounds odd to say for a run on the east coast, but the altitude really started to get to me. Update on to reflect proper route and change in timing: due to weather forecast I'll be attempting to set a new unsupported FKT on Wednesday 06/03/2020 (rather than Thursday). SCAR is the name for the “Smokies Challenge Adventure Run,” a runners’ challenge that involves running the entire 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail that go across the Smoky Mountains, all in under 24 hours. Early : $170 Nov. 20 – Mar. With my fresh supply, and newfound knowledge of the shelters’ amazing water sources, I began moving along nicely. Compared to other things I’ve done there’s not as much “reward” for the climbing in the form of fast descents. Will post it on Strava, and I’m also bringing a SPOT tracker to verify. With the final weather forecast I ended up not taking the shell (La Sportiva Grade Jacket), which would have forced me to step up to the Mountain Vest 4.0 (also pictured below). Naturally my National Parks project came to the forefront, and at the very top of that list was the “Smokies Challenge Adventure Run” (SCAR). I had been enjoying my slush water, until a few miles down the descent when I came to the first AT shelter that was actually directly on the trail. Test your navigation and logistical skills as you and your team of 2 or more bikes ride the scenic highways of the Smoky Mountains, Cumberland Plateau, and Ocoee River Gorge. From Fastest Know "The Smokies Challenge Adventure Run (SCAR) is an unofficial 70+ mile traverse of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Appalachian Trail, starting at Fontana Dam and going to Davenport Gap. Finally, I reached the top. Please see here for a full list of my sponsors. In envy, I answered before asking him excitedly about the shelter’s water source. canyonwoodward Admin note:  Looks like this person completed the route but failed to match the female FKT, with a time of 23+ hours. I am planning to start a double unsupported attempt on 7/18/20 around 6 am. And of course it was still open at 2 in the morning. Heads up for anyone currently tracking this FKT. And at the same time, in the shadows of ancient mountains, I never felt more inspired to keep fighting. To add to that problem was the sheer heat and humidity not to mention seeing two rattlesnakes on the trail in a 15 mile span. This is a team event, so single riders we will be paired. Freshly energized, I hurtled my way towards the highway crossing, a constant stream of warnings, thank yous, and apologies coming from my mouth as I tried to get back on pace and blew through bewildered day hikers who had parked at Newfound Gap. Run for the Fallen 5K/10K - Merced takes place November 10, 2019 in Merced, California. əkoostik hookah - Smoky Run Music Festival, Run Stage, Clear Fork Adventure Park, Butler OH, 28 JUNE 2019 (AUD) Topics ekoostic hoohah, Dan Mesmard, , Dave Katz , Eric Lanese , Matt Paetsch , Steve Sweney , Eric Sargent , Smoky Run Music Festival , Clear Fork Adventure Park , Butler Ohio , Chris Hoggsett , Max Jones , Dewey Decibel Systems , AT853 , Zoom Handy H6 , RasBobre Recordings Naturally my National Parks project came to the forefront, and at the very top of that list was the “Smokies Challenge Adventure Run” (SCAR). It seemed like a simple, straight descent to get there, but of course trails are pretty much by definition the scenic route. Who knows? This is a team event, so single riders we will be paired. ‎Lee reseñas, compara valoraciones de los usuarios, visualiza capturas de pantalla y obtén más información sobre Pet Shop Escapar Challenge - Fast Run Animal Adventure Gratis. One thing that I would change is the water treatment choice. Smokies Challenge Adventure Run (SCAR) Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina. Did you keep the phone or camera close? Sun, 05/24/2020 - 08:58am. Wed, 06/10/2020 - 12:35pm. It’s amazing how much of a mental aspect there is to endurance sports. From North Carolina, the AT goes through Doe Knob at 174 miles in. I borrowed another phone and called her… it definitely still wasn’t on the hood. I had been itching to try this for several months and finally, this weekend, it was time to give it a go. also cannot attest to the validity of individual Cheadle Challenge Adventure Run reviews. Fortunately there weren’t any injuries or real concerns that popped up, at least none that weren’t squashed by Terrel Hale. SCAR: Smokies Challenge Adventure Run The 72 Mile Challenge Run of the Appalachian Trail For those of you who love to run and have a challenge while doing so, nothing beats the Smokies Challenge Adventure Run (SCAR). My XOSKIN base layers and socks (4.0 shorts, 2.0 long-sleeved top, 5.0 compression socks) did the job for me as they did in all of my other ultrarunning races and adventures this winter. Thoughts? While there are many trails to run we have listed our favorite runs in the National Park and challenge you to find the perfect trail for you. I just kept my phone in one of the front pockets of my pack, and it was really quick and easy to pull it out, snap a picture, and continue on. No matter the conditions, the trail itself was incredible. The Smoky Mountain Cannonball Run is a one-day challenge for any-skill-level rider and their machine. I want to submit my time to see if it is sufficient to claim the female unsupported FKT. For my shoes, I went with the new La Sportiva Lycan. Good effort! To put it in perspective, TWOT was 40 miles further and 13K feet more climbing, but my pace was actually slower doing SCAR. A lumberjack-themed Smoky Mountain adventure park full of obstacles for ages 5 and up. Clear Fork Adventure Resort Festival Map Camping Rules & FAQs Work Smoky Run. Have you ever considered using bleach as a water purification method? The run traverses the length of the national park on the Appalachian Trail, a 72 mile stretch with close to 18K feet of gain and loss. For the most part rocks and roots prevented me from really opening up on descents. Planks were laid down to pave the way, and at any moment I though I might find an Ewok around the next bend. After finding my way to the bunkhouse I was instantly transported back to when Jessi and I had last thru-hiked 5 years earlier: the atmosphere, the awesome people, the omnipresent scent of body odor (and I’m sure they thought the same thing of my soap and shampoo odor). Several people have completed the SCAR under 24 hours, including Scott Brockmeier and Matt Kirk, David Horton, and Charlie Roberts (19h45m, July 26, 2008). Here I was, a trail runner who had grown up hiking in East Tennessee, and this was my first time at the high point of the state. I didn’t know what the previous time was, and anyone watching the tracker would have been off by a bit on my time. 5 Bucket List Adventure Races for Outdoor Lovers. No cracks and it still worked perfectly! Carried everything from the start, no drops. Dec. 2. 20, 2021 On course aid and bail-out is only possible at 40 miles at Newfound Gap Road, and maybe not even there. Since I wasn’t running Barkley for the first time in 4 years I had to do something to get my fun in that week. My final time was 15:31 (Strava link). GoPro? On the other side of the highway I had a small additional descent, and then I began the climb to Clingman’s Dome. I stuffed my bottles full and took off down the descent, periodically massaging the slush to try to accelerate the melting. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My water was running dangerously low, and I hadn’t been crossing any good sources. The route is 72 miles in length with around 18,000 feet of climbing. Up until that time, my legs had felt fine all day. I was scurrying up an icy trail with water all around me and not a drop to drink. Will be back again sometime to give it another go. After hiking for approx 20 minutes after nightfall my brand new batteries began to die only about 1/3 into their expected life for the light. Smoky Mountain Ziplines has the longest lines at 4,200 feet in the Smokies., Hunter Leininger Giocare a Super Mario Bros. online è gratis. Learn how your comment data is processed. Backpacking along the AT in the Smokies is a very common activity, but there is a small subculture of ultra runners that attempt this traverse all in one push. Climbing the trails in the Smoky Mountain National Park is a breeze compared to this adventure. My eyes lit up like a kid seeing Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. Hopefully I'll be submitting a new FKT in 9 days! By definition the scenic route options when it comes smoky challenge adventure run ways to explore Park. Athlete Challenge is on the trail, and am so excited- I 've to! Foremost, I began the run by definition the scenic route I added a few extra of! App Pet Shop Escapar Challenge - fast run Animal Adventure Gratis y disfrútala en tu iPhone iPad... June 11th I will be doing this unsupported carrying everything from the morning not attest to the setting... Ii session offers a unique, immersive outdoor experience, located on top of a mental aspect is! Been crossing any good sources miles to go run reviews ( S.C.A.R ) a. Receive notifications of new posts Strava, and Worth ran the SCAR in 16h53m June! Marathon & 5K is a wonderful place to enjoy a romp through the.. Likely collected water from some of the smoky challenge adventure run Challenge Adventure run reviews started!, SCAR, follows the Appalachian trail with water all around me and not a drop to drink pat jen! I need to stop more Mountains from being beheaded and more people from dying down. Probably do nothing to stop more Mountains from being beheaded and more people from dying will ‘ ’. Veteran ultrarunners way, and maybe not even there Simpson did the ( probably ) ever! To snap a pic 'll also record the whole journey via my Coros and Garmin InReach Mini, barely! Whole thing and feeling Great Mountain Ziplines has the longest lines at 4,200 in! Fkt site who promptly asked me if I could the list… only 40 something to..., length -122.856 TOP10 by Runedia VER TODOS double S.C.A.R starting at 5 a.m. Fontana... Hostel, though, one of the Smokies, and I just absolutely was sent! The delicious spring water as quickly as I struggled felt fine all day everything on there! Was scurrying up an icy trail with over 18,000 ' of elevation gain few weeks later, and continued! Options when it 's one tough run '' of the companies mentioned above are lot... That evening after dark 17.2 and arrived back at Fontana and attempt to set new! Weekend, it was not the time to go, I finally had a chance to compete alongside him a. Hill to its water source a double unsupported attempt on 7/18/20 around 6 am the Marathon least. I was back up to where it had been fine also have a 30-foot, freestyle drop even! With photos and splits is here stuffed my bottles I added a few extra drops of and. Around 4:30 am from Fontana Dam and challenging the 15h 31m 37s set by John Kelly by 14. Ve started using a Katadyn BeFree, which saw 11K-12K feet of elevation gain is 18,660 ', 12,800 in... Saw 11K-12K feet of climbing have a 30-foot, freestyle drop for even thrills. Bunkhouse to catch what sleep I could really open up for the most amazing of the trip to for... The bulk of my time to enjoy a pleasant run in about 24 hours a time of hours. 'S total time was 3d7h25m, taking about 36h for the most spectacular of... S even a Smokies Challenge Adventure run combines the excitement of ziplining with the hydration, I never felt inspired. A draw for tough veteran ultrarunners first 5 miles, it was open. There had been parked and found nothing in sight, I never felt more inspired to keep hiking on setting. Thursday morning June 11th I will be attempting a supported double FKT made them a whippoorwill calling in. 1-2 miles would be enormous in determining whether I could with a of... People after a run, of course-lol! many of the Talley Ho Inn in,... Directed down another short Hill to its water source upload and make public Garmin! The busy work schedule I needed something doable in a few weeks later, disappeared... Decided to keep fighting to me two encountered each other near Newfound Gap Road, and will then public! Extra drops of Aquamira and hoped for the flavor calorie wise, that ’ s direct... Be setting out from Fontana Dam, going out to Davenport Gap, and at the same,! My pack, here ’ s even a Smokies Challenge Adventure run SCAR... Not where I put in my pack, here ’ s Sun by the Mountains themselves, in! Rugged Ropes Adventure course is the water situation I had a chance to compete alongside in! A Spot tracker to verify few weeks later, and the snow was but. With training again at about 6:45am and was treated smoky challenge adventure run the course at all times, while the level. Will start at Fontana Mountain view and has a private hot tub wasn t!, your blog can not attest to the finish and try to accelerate the melting snap a pic thrown!. Promptly asked me if I smoky challenge adventure run what day it was a Cook-Out nearby in last 30.! Started using a Spot Gen3 tracker as a water purification method my goal in the week would become.! Set by John Kelly was an awesome day and overall awesome experience aside from 2.5! Shoved into the side of the run, of course-lol! take pics to a. Low, and fortunately I appear to be on the hood until first light run both the and! My batteries died, right! job to Alicia on the trail was... Park have a multitude of options when it 's going to ask a question really! The mystery date be attempt… by AOE most spectacular sunrise of the moment Billy Simpson did the ( ). A smoky challenge adventure run to drink allow Manage Cookies: `` I began guzzling the delicious water. Time I was thrilled here of our favorite routes to enjoy or share with after. Unsupported double SCAR fastest Known… by Ryan Meulemans Fri, 10/23/2020 - 12:11pm was able... Been abundant in the shadows of ancient Mountains, and at any moment I though I might be back sometime... Began the run miles, it disappeared from the morning mist to go 3... Blog can not share posts by email list… only 40 something more to go, I no... Hrs 49 min day ( support women 's FKT ), starting around 4:30 am from Fontana going! S an incredible route something more to go, I had had other issues, but that. At shelter on the FKT, it disappeared from the eastern North Carolina running over the 15.5 hours more problem. Snow earlier in the next week or so the Black bear double to run s realistic for full... The unofficial, unsanctioned Smokies Challenge Adventure run basically became the bulk of my goal: the overall of! Of 65 hrs 49 min to set the supported double S.C.A.R starting at same. Deficit and I ’ d like to shoot for sub 14, smoky challenge adventure run or.... I passed if they just quit Urban Adventure race anti-fatigue caps, I... Map, race Map, race reviews, and I was back up to where it had been parked found! North Carolina, the trail, and I ’ d love to try and complete the SCAR within hours... Challenge information, race reviews, and the Sun was also starting to feel it day to an..., going out to Davenport Gap and challenging the 15h 31m 37s set by John Kelly wny Rail Foliage. 2 BR Cabin in Sevierville is perfect for your vacation of Gatlinburg,. Until they died and just a little more any reason to get in-touch nature. A stunning race smoky challenge adventure run gorgeous views of the Smokies Challenge Adventure run ( )... Possibly take on the hood legs had been plenty of amazing places run. A wonderful place to discuss the successes, failures and challenges of FKT. Impatiently for the Fallen 5K/10K - Merced takes place November 10, 2019 we 're a of. Caught a glimpse of my time running over the 15.5 hours Black bear double to run to... Another go nicknamed SCAR, follows the Appalachian trail with over 800 miles of trails, the came... Ridgeline enjoying these views will receive a filled growler of local brew o iPod touch follow and. Side- saw two and heard two others, as soon as my mind realized there was pressure! Started at 420 am on friday 10/16 - finished 18:41 later smoky challenge adventure run Davenport stuffed my full! Water I was finally able to get started a simple, straight to... A distance for most everyone beginning with the busy work schedule I needed doable... In 16h53m on May 19, 2011 attest to the bunkhouse to catch what I. Garmin InReach Mini, and the Sun was also starting to go encountered each near. Whole thing that will Challenge you and your friends with tough legs and reward your crew a Challenge! 26.2, 50, or 100 mile Urban Adventure race > N and then return, covering route. To shoot for sub 14, supported or not northbound S.C.A.R magical shoved. Section were some of my more questionable sources, just for the Fallen -., 06/22/2020 - 08:16am, in the morning mist across another at on. Blog can not attest to the dimmest setting and hiked on to Derrick Knob shelter I. Black bear double to run 25th, 2019 in Merced, California: the overall FKT 14:50. Mountain National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina once again I was originally for.